• A modern map of Cornwood, Devon is available at multimap.com

  • A map of the historic boundaries of Cornwood Parish has been preserved by Kain & Oliver in a publication entitled  Historic Parishes of England and Wales. It offers views of the various regions of the country prior to 1850. This map is also presented, courtesy of the authors, as background to the pages on this web site.

  • Other historic maps of Devon County are available for viewing at a number of sites, both free and commercial, including:


    Historic Mapworks


    Old Maps


  • Cornwood Drawing by William Crawley Yonge, ca 1811

    William Crawley Yonge (1795 - 1854) was the eighth child of the Reverend Duke Yonge, vicar of Cornwood and his wife, Catherine Crawley Boevey. William was educated at Ottery St. Mary and Eton, from where, at sixteen, he joined the army (52nd Light Infantry). He took part in the Peninsular War and, at the age of twenty, fought in the Battle of Waterloo. He finally left the army in 1822. William married Fanny Bargus in 1823. They lived at Otterbourne House, in Hampshire, until their deaths. Their children were Charlotte, born in 1823 and Julian, born in 1830.

    The drawing was done, apparently from memory in about 1811, when William sixteen years of age. The original is owned by Barbara Thomas, who resides at the "Glebe", which is the former vicarage in Rev. Duke Yonge's time.