For Plympton St. Maurice Parish, we are compiling and organizing data from as many sources as we can find, including Parish Registers, Censuses, Land Tax Assessments, Tithe Apportionments, Directories, personal family records and material from other independent researchers.  See the page on Lookups for a list of the current resources available.


If anyone has information about Plympton St. Maurice and/or its people we would very much like to have a copy to include with our records.  Please contact the Plympton St. Maurice OPC.


We will make all of our information available to anyone interested in finding out about their own ancestors who may have resided in the Plympton St. Maurice area although we would caution that, to begin with, only limited data might be accessible.  Just click on Lookups here to see what is presently available.


We continue to search records and add to our library so researchers might wish to check back from time to time to see if new data has been added to our files.  We will do our utmost to present information as it has been recorded but cannot, in the end, guarantee the total accuracy of any data because of the age of documents, problems with transcriptions and reliability of sources.